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Flood alleviation on the Bucklebury Estate.

Flooding in the Pang Valley is a very current threat so, in 2023 the Bucklebury Estate has been working with the Pang Valley Flood Forum and West Berkshire Council to do what it can to help slow the flow of water into the river.

As part of recent forestry work, 'Leaky dams' have been installed in the stream which runs off Bucklebury Common at Osgoods Gully, parallel to Briff Lane at Redhill Copse.

Leaky dams are 'natural flood management' structures which hold water and release it slowly, reducing the likelihood of flooding downstream, in combination with other measures.

This week's Storm Henk has seen them put to the test for the first time, and they are clearly doing a good job!

More leaky dams are planned on Bucklebury Common itself, constructed with a grant from the Countryside Stewardship scheme.

These will not only help reduce the flood risk, but also produce a network of ponds across the common which will be great for dragonflies, frogs and other wildlife.

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