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Countryside Stewardship application for Bucklebury Common

The Bucklebury Estate are working with Natural England (the government advisory body for nature conservation) to set up a 'Higher Tier Countryside Stewardship' scheme on Bucklebury Common.

The heather in flower at Bucklebury Common

This is a complex process but, if successful, it will provide much-needed funding to help look after the common and restore some of the lost habitats and species.

Following consultion with local people, some of the proposals have changed from the original vision.

We are being more ambitious with our plans for heathland restoration - this is the rarest habitat at Bucklebury which is home to the rarest wildlife, so we want to restore even more of it!

Our plans to restore wood pasture include looking after the veteran trees and creating more species-rich clearings in the densest areas of woodland, as well as introducing a small number of cattle to parts of the common.

A map showing the increased area of heathland is below:

And the revised vision can be downloaded here:

Bucklebury Common vision v2
Download PDF • 2.20MB

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09 сент. 2023 г.


we live in the area, and we noticed since June lots of trees have been cut down, old trees, in Bucklebury Common, those trees were beaming with wild life, birds were still nesting, solid, old trees. Why all those trees have been cut!? Have you seen the massacre left behind!? Every single tree matters, why Bucklebury Estate started cutting and destroying the habitat of so many birds, squirrels, fungi networks, insects, this eco system that was formed over decades will take now decades again to form a connection again.Even more upsetting and depressing was to see that logs we’re dragged in to the property of a private, local, logging company, that bought a forested property on the grounds …

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