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Project Management

Heathland Restoration in north east Hampshire

The situation:

25 hectares of self-sown mature conifer woodland on part of the Thames Basin Heaths Special Protection Area. No road access and no burning because of the neighbouring airport.

The task:

Restore the site to open heathland. Generate an income from timber and dispose of brash. Create the ideal conditions for heather regeneration.

My actions:

Obtained Felling licence and consent. Liaised with neighbours to arrange access for timber removal. Sensitive areas identified and protected. Skilled forestry contractors with harvesters and forwarders employed and tree removal work overseen. All timber sold, brash chipped and sold for biofuel. Mineral soils exposed to allow heather germination.

The result:

Heathland restored, with nightjars and woodlarks seen the following year. Income generated from sale of timber.

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