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Funding for access improvements

The Bucklebury Estate has been awarded a grant to improve access to Bucklebury Common.

The funding, from the North Wessex Downs AONB 'Access for All' grant scheme, will be used to provide a much-needed walking and riding link between Chapel Row and Upper Bucklebury (route 4, below).

The route will make use of exisiting tracks as much as possible, which will be extended to meet up with the lane opposite the Memorial Hall in Upper Bucklebury, providing a safe and level route for people travelling between the two villages, including families, horseriders and cyclists.

The route will made level and will be unlit. It will be in keeping with the rural nature of the common. It won't be suitable for all road bikes, but it is hoped that the vast majority of people wanting to travel between Chapel Row and Upper Bucklebury will find it a welcome addition.

The route will be signed and efforts will be made to prohibit motorised access.

Work will start in the next few weeks, so please be aware of machinery on the common.

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